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■Date: Sunday,10th,June 2018

■Organizer: Iwate Ginga 100km Challenge Marathon Committee

■Route: Kitakami , Kanegasaki , Hanamaki , Nishiwaga and Shizukuishi , Iwate

■Categories: 100km ,  50km  , 100kmEkiden

■Registration Fee: 100km/15,000yen   50km/13,000yen    100kmEkiden/70,000yen

■Start Time: 100km/4am   50km/10am   100kmEkiden/5am

■Requirement: Participants must be 20 years old or more on the race day.

■Capacity: 100km/2,000   50km/500     Ekiden/50 teams

■Application Period: October 1 ,2017 – April 20,2018. Registration will be closed when the capacity is full.

■Aid: [Supplying water and food stations] 10km point after approximately 5km each (rice balls, bread, fruit, drinks, etc.) generally installed in every 2.5km [head water] 10km point and later installed in the rest station] 66.5km point (snacks are  available)

   *There is a case where the location is somewhat back and forth.

■Racing Rules:             Conform to the current year Japan Association of Athletics Federations competition rules, as well as carried out by the Competition conspiracy matters.

■Competition method

 ⑴ The barrier is installed in several places on the course each point, it must pass within the time limit set for each barrier.

 ⑵ Can not pass through players in each of the barrier the time limit, it is not possible to continue the later race.

   And retire to transfer to the goal point in a shuttle buses.

 ⑶ Finish the goal player in until 6 pm honor the honor.

 ⑷ 100km Ekiden parts are, and capacity from four of the eight members (including substitute runner).

   One player is if you run a plurality of sections and up to two consecutive interval.

 ⑸ Department of 100km relay race is a 11km point 〜 35.4km point 〜 49.6km point 〜 66.5km point 〜 73.3km point 〜 90.5km point - the goal of the interval from the start.

 ⑹ 100km Relay parts, when late in relay stations, there is a case of performing advance start.

■For the handling of personal information 

 ⑴ In this tournament there is a case to be displayed of the participants photo, full name, affiliation, the age and the like printed material, such as a convention program, website, newspaper, on television or the like.

 ⑵ If there is a deficiency in the participation application form, phone the contents of the application from the convention secretariat or entry center, there is a case where I am allowed to check in the mail or the like.

 ⑶ Application to send a participation notice than the

   competition secretariat to participants has been


 ⑷ To the tournament participants to send the guidance of  the tournament for the next fiscal year than the

   competition secretariat.

 ⑸ Personal information of the participants is not used in other than the guidance of the tournament of our

   Executive Committee and the Secretariat organized.

 ⑹ Posted rights such as video, photographs, news articles and records relating to the competition is all belong to the person tournament Executive Committee and the


■Contact: Iwate Ginga 100km Challenge Marathon Office

                  E-mail :


【 100km Ekiden 】

■Let's challenge the 100km marathon cource by relay!!

 We are accepting an aply of relay participant.

 You can enjoy a 100km relay with your friends!

■Capacity is 50 teams (application will be closed when it reachs to the capacity)

■Team structure: 4 to 8 members including substitute member

  *One person can run two concecutive courses.

  *Minimum team structure is 4 runners.

  *There are Male division, Female division and mixture division.

■Kitakami Sports Park to Shizukuishi Sports Park(100km), 7 sections.

 Starts at 5 AM same as 100km marathon division

  Section 1: Kitakami Spoorts Park - Shin Geto Bridge

  Section 2: Shin Geto Bridge - Kobushien

  Section 3: Kobushien - Toyosawa wood forest parking

  Section 4: Toyosawa wood forest parking - Kouge

              community center

  Section 5: Kouge community center - Sawauchi

              Gingakogen Hotel

  Section 6: Sawauchi Gingakogen Hotel - Ohshuku Onsen

              (Nicotopia Ohshuku-Kan)

  Section 7: Ohshuku Onsen (Nicotopia Ohshuku-Kan) -

              Shizukuishi Sports Park

   *Time limit is counted from 5am start time.

   *When you delay to the limited time, next runner will

     start at the limited time.


 *Please use shuttle busses to go to each at the relay station.

 *A waiting room is provided for runners in Kitakami Sports Park until the buss arrive, and there are waiting place in each ralay station.


 *There is a cloak at Kitakami Sports Park, but please take a valuable stuff with you.

 *Please make sure to bring previous runners clothes and baggage to the relay station.